International Women’s Day

8th March marks International Women’s Day (IWD) 2022, with #BreakTheBias as the theme this year.

The seeds of it were planted from a labour movement in 1908; 1500 women marched down the streets of New York for better pay, and the right to vote. Two years later, the day was officially set by Clara Zetkin and all the attendees during an International Working Women Conference in Copenhagen.

At LUMINE 2022, we dedicate IWD to celebrate Women’s achievements in the workplace, with a special focus on women who are working overseas, away from their homes.

Find out more from our own team and special guests on what IWD means to them:


Meet Dorothy from LUMINE family: Working away from home has been a three years journey for me. My daughters are my sources of strength. Thinking of their future is the reason to keep going, despite the loneliness of not seeing them.

Hear her story and get inspired! 🤍 


Meet Iqa from LUMINE family: Adapting to Singapore can make me feel homesick even though it's common for me since I used to stay far from my family.
There was a moment that I wanted to give up after a year in Singapore. I missed my family, relatives, and friends where my happiness originated.

In my opinion, modern independent women are to have a ton of confidence and to distance themselves from the negativity.


Meet Megumi Florence (@megumi_whitetree), the founder of WHITETREE Health & Beauty, Hairsalon, and Café, talks about how she started her journey from a designer to a woman entrepreneur of five businesses.

Hear her story and get inspired! 🤍 


Meet Paige Parker (@iampaigeparker), a published author of “Don’t Call Me Mrs Rogers”, podcaster of “Pass The Power with Paige Parker”, and board member for UN Women Singapore, talks about her beliefs in women’s empowerment.

Hear Her Story and get inspired! 🤍 


For IWD, we’ve also teamed up with Ryoko-san; colour matching specialist to provide 1-to-1 colour matching service with us for a limited period only. It was an insightful experience to understand colour harmony and the type of tones that matches our skin to make better styling chooses. The experience was amazing to see how right colour tones could make us look awake and our features more lifted.

Don’t miss this chance to experience a 30mins consultation with her at the comfort of our retail store LUMINE The Central@Clarke Quay. From 8-13 March 2022, book with us via Whatsapp +65 90285383, subject to availability. After 13th March, you may book directly with Ryoko-san @lovebird_color_school Instagram to experience private sessions with her.