What does it mean to be me? This July we invite you to explore yourself, your inner expression, and identity with us here at LUMINE. Our new curation of Japanese brands are sophisticated and stylish, bold yet feminine – an eclectic mix for both the minimalist and maximalist at heart. With our guiding philosophy "I Am Who I Am"「私、わたしらしく。」, our team has added exciting new selections of the most sought-after brands from Japan to empower your journey of originality through our fashion, art, and way of life.  


Discover high quality silk scarves in-store by new brand MACOOL. Inspired by folds of origami combined with traditional Japanese motifs, each scarf features a buttery smooth handfeel and timeless, elegant design. A wide variety of complementary buckles are also available from the brand to help you wear your scarf in the most personal way. Every buckle is shaped differently and thus creates a unique scarf silhouette when adorned, allowing each silk print to be presented differently based on the buckle used. All buckles are upcycled and scarves fully handcrafted by artisans in Kyoto.  

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For ladies who enjoy timeless classics and daily wear, our latest edits are designed with both trend and versatility in mind. Have fun layering elegant prints over neutrals depending on your day, dressed up with heels or down with stylish sneakers by popular brand WEGO.  

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womens-japanese-fashion-jewellery-accessories-lumine-singapore-bestsellers-chic-versatile-3 womens-japanese-fashion-jewellery-accessories-lumine-singapore-bestsellers-chic-versatile-4


Bestsellers this month: 


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